The Japan Society for Studies in Cartoons and Comics (JSSCC, Nihon manga gakkai) was founded in 2001 with the purpose of promoting Japanese-language manga studies. As of April 2012, it has 370 members who are engaged in comics research in a variety of ways, including critics, collectors, and academics. In view of the fact that the number of graduation theses dedicated to manga culture has strikingly increased since the turn of the century, we take a special interest in providing graduate students from various disciplines with the opportunity to present their research to manga experts. Generally focused on manga and Japanese-language discourse, in recent years, our society has started to address non-Japanese and non-manga style comics research as well. We hold annual conferences (alternately in Kyoto, Tokyo and a third Japanese town) and encourage the formation of regional study groups.
The society publishes one issue of its Japanese-language journal as well as three printed newsletter issues per annum.


Office, The Japan Society for Studies in Cartoons and Comics
c/o International Research Center for Manga Studies
Faculty of Letter,Kumamoto University
2-40-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi,
860-8555 JAPAN

Email: mangagakkai@gmail.com